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Your kitchen (lolz jk)
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Well, I like to keep food cool... and all kinda of stuff... NO JK LOL i'm not actually a fridge, but just to let yah no I'm very random at time and i like sarcasm... Most of all, I like friends xD

(oh yeah and i'm mostly German [but not a nazi {Probably didn't need to tell you that, but i don't wanna have to asplode}])

A few thing you may or may not know about me:

-- I play Bass Clarinet

-- I will almost always play along with jokes / sarcasm, which catches some ppl off guard x3

-- I get random headaches alot... idk y... but I'm ok with it

lolz, well there's more stuff about me i haven't listed, bu i'm supposed to be practising my bass clarinet... so cya later

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Reply Prince Vern
5:29 PM on November 15, 2010 
Yep, one of my peeves unfortunately, unless I can make a dark-skinned archer/support or a 2H Female Axe user, then no go, and Vindictus' gameplay isn't enough to make me change my mind, hehe ^_^ but thank you~
Reply Prince Vern
8:06 PM on November 14, 2010 
*GASP* Hehe, well, Dynasty Warriors is pretty hit-or-miss ^_^(\ But yeah, character-locked games aren't my thing, that's why I can't play Aika or Dungeon Fighter either...but I'm pretty busy nowadays, I got my own guild on DWO, Captureholics
Reply Prince Vern
5:06 AM on November 11, 2010 
Ah, so Vindictus, huh? ^o^ I liked the gameplay, but I don't like games that don't really give you much class/appearance customization...I've been sinking my teeth into Dynasty Warriors Online lately
Reply Prince Vern
11:56 PM on October 22, 2010 
Hi hi Fridg3 ^o^ Oh wow, its been like a year, huh, that's insane...but I haven't been doing much with S13 lately, just been playing Dynasty Warriors Online CB along with some Legend of Edda OB and some Iris Online CB ^__^ How've you been?
Reply Prince Vern
7:55 AM on October 10, 2009 
Fridg3 ^o^ where are you~
Reply Zefie
5:52 PM on September 1, 2009 
Ah the 'send a message' thing hates me TT_TT cuts off half of what I put...
Reply Zefie
5:19 AM on August 26, 2009 
x3 Im clumsy but Im short. lol~
Reply Zefie
7:15 PM on August 25, 2009 
Lol Fridge! Heyhey!
Reply FRIDG3
12:35 PM on August 15, 2009 
Lol java!
Reply FRIDG3
12:34 PM on August 15, 2009 
hi! =D
Reply Zlato
3:21 AM on August 15, 2009 
hi!! xD
Reply Java
2:40 AM on August 15, 2009