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Hey everyone! Guess what... I'm done with school! Graduated finally after a horrible last semester. But that means now that I have some more time to play games. So I have taken to playing some La Tale on OGPlanet. I realize most of everyone plays on Aeria but I couldn't bring myself to let go of the grudge... So I was just wondering if any does play on OGPlanet and who they are. I am XANKTX friend me if you want just let me know that you are affiliated with SakuraXIII. I also may be willing to start up a branch of SakuraXIII on the OGPlanet servers. But I will talk more about that to the guild owners.


Give me a shout out if you want to be friends and play on OGPlanet





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Prince Vern
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Hehe, yay for graduation (\@_@/) congratulations and shtuff~

Yeah, I don't think there is anyone playing on OGP, I was on it for a while way back before Aeria was out, but I have a higher level on Aeria nowadays and shtuff due to SakuraXIII and shtuff, hehe, so yeah ^_^(\

Well, I got fairly bored of LaTale after I hit 80ish with my mains, so have been actually trying lots of other stuff; but its nice to know we have awesome people in OGP though ^o^ hopefully I can play wif you in the future~


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Christopher (Yuudai)
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I play OGPlanet LaTale, and I've played it for a while, just not very often since I'm a weekend warrior.  I'm Yuudai32!


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