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What are your favourite xBox and xbox 360 games?

Do u play them online?

Name one part that makes it awsome?


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Nothing beats Halo 3. but i guess Megaman 9 and Megaman 10 are good too. OMG BOTH GAMES ARE SO HARD >_< but i still beat them =3

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Final Fantasy 13 :D


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Splinter Cell and Sarge's War xD I like playing these with my siblings :3

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Such a hard question... 

Halo 3:  Great because of it's HUGE number of modes and options, weapons and vehicles, etc. I just wish people weren't so good online. It really does ruin it a lot for me.

Test Drive: Unlimited: loads of cars, absolutely beautiful graphics. great for if you just want to chill out. No fighting, no explosions, just pure driving. And it has a massive open world to explore and a flawless online mode. (sometimes you don't know you're online until you pass another player XD)

Soul Calibur IV for it's endless character creation, and I know it's weird to day this: it has the best graphics on the console yet, in my opinion.

Worthy mentions: Ninja Blade - if you like crazy over-the-top ninja action (like stopping a jumbo jet from crashing with your bare hands...)  give this a try. and it's like £5 here, so probably like $10 there.

F.E.A.R. and F.E.A.R 2: the second in the series being the strongest, but for story you need to play both of them.  F.E.A.R. 2 being one of the 

most outright scary and... most disturbing game EVER. *shudders at ending*

Crackdown: Let's go jump over 2 buildings with a single jump, pick up a firetruck, throw it into a group of thugs and harpoon the remaining 

ones to the wall. All while on fire and being shot from all directions. Oh yes.

Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing: Oh... wow... SEGA made a good game again?! Easily one of the best racing games ever, besting Mario Kart in my opinion. 22 characters (Including Banjo and Kazooie?!), Ryo Hazuki is in it, 24 stages, Ryo Hazuki is in it, 4 player split screen, Ryo Hazuki is in it, and 8 player online. In terms of raw, un-diluted fun, S&SASR takes gold EASILY! Oh, and Ryo Hazuki is in it!

My gamertag is Robochild if anyone wants to add me. Just let me know you're from Sakura XIII and I'll except. maybe you can kick my butt at Halo sometime! 



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