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Uhm ... Hello... i am the somewhat crazy Engineer Shillien that

joinded some time ago . If some pointless but (hopefully)

funny/enjoyable Chat is going on ... i might have started that =P


Bout me ? Hm , like Seeny i hail from germany . I like playing

Roleplaying games ... played alot MMORPGs too , watching

animes and reading Mangas . I love cute stuff ...

( LaTale is really cute , aint it o,O ) and Kitties ...

i own 3 of em , weeeeh =^^=


I dont like rain ... gosh ... why does it rain so much here *sob* ,

dogs ... (they hate me likewise ... i mean really o,O;;

*climbs the next tree* Help !!) and bad/sad endings .


Hope thats okay as an introduction ... i am not so good at this,

i normally get to know guildies by playing but Mereko-himesama

said i should give it a try ... o,O


Anyway ... lets have fun playing n chatting in LaTale !!

Your Shii-chan *waves and bounces away*



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yey yey~ *cheers for shillien*

that wasn't so bad, was it?


kay ima ask some questions then too...

How old are you?

Favourite colour?

When will you reach lvl 44? (lol im jk)

you seem to like tea... whats ur favourite?

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Thats a secret . Aint going to tell =P




Hm ... 21.11.2012 hopefully ? ;_;


I prefer fruit tea ... i am a real sweetooth =D

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Shill is osm' to chat around with that much I can say 'k? k.

Welcome to tha' forums <:


I haven't asked questions, so here goes a few:

(Zoinks Floff is a pretty cool guy, eh can does double-posts and dosnt afraid of anything)

You said you like watching Anime and read Mangas, any specific favorites or preffered genres?

What kind of music do you like listening to?

Do you like/dislike Alcoholic drinks?

Any hobbies?

(Posts merged) oh no you dont >:O -Az


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Oh noes ... questions ;_;


I like funny Animes and Romantic ones : Chobits , Nyan Koi , Love Comedy just to mention some ...

I normally like most musik ... my favorites are Within Temptation , Nightwish and Unheilig ... they are really good ...

I dont drink Alcohol much ... maybe at special occasions

Hm ... hobbies ... reading a good Book or playing a nice Game on PC ... watching Animes and reading Mangas . Nothing special atm .


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a maid's hobby is making tea, isnt it T.T?

you don't enjoy serving the tea? omg I'm making her do things she doent like *runs and cries in corner*



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Serving my Himesama Tea is the meaning of my live ... there is nothing else ...  *runs and sits behind her in the same corner* ...

want cookies for your tea ?



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Welcome to the guild Shillien. Let us know if you need anything :)


If I take care fo my integrity, my reputation will take care of itself.



April 9, 2010 at 6:34 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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O_O did you say cookies?


April 17, 2010 at 9:40 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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What is ur favourite kind of cookie?


"We Are SakuraXIII, Always from now, until the end"

- JavA!

April 23, 2010 at 5:06 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Catnip-Cookie ? *meow* *joke*


Do i have a favorite ? I do not know ... if it tastes good i like it ... i guess ... hmm .... "Spekulatius" maybe ? =D

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well i think i like you already and i know what you mean by dogs they hate me too welcome to the guild




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U guys stole all the questions I wanna ask >: oh well


welcome to the guild 8D I am new myslf...let's do out best to be the best out of the bests 8D <--- enough with best already Dx


x) look forward to see u in game

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Hey! nice to meet you lol


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