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Posted by Java on January 1, 2010 at 11:28 PM

Well heres the time you've all been waiting for. Although this isn't what I had according to plan, there will still be something shown later today but due to me being a day late I might as well tell about some things since we are now about 2 weeks away from our v5 release. Now liek I said, there would be some big changes coming with this release. probably the biggest one being is that this will be my last generation as leader of the guild. Also we have a hopefully big guild reunion coming up next month as well. There are plans for some cool SakuraXIII gifts that will be available (I hope) such as shirts, stickers and mousepads (maybe some other things). This is only going to be based on a debate if many are interested. Otherwise I won't waste my time. Another big thing is OST5 now plans have been made for this to be a 2 part OST. How many tracks i'm not entirely sure yet, but that is whats planned. Also next month there will be an leader ceromony in which I will annouce the new leader for SakuraXIII that will begin their reign in SakuraXIII Season 2. Now i'm sure many of you are asking if i'm quitting the guild altogether and the answer is NO. I will still be in charge of the website and handling everything. Only difference will be that there will be someone else giving out orders XD. I hope that many of you don't take it the wrong way and get upset and leave or not be as devoted to the guild. As for Season 2, The site and the theme will be reverted back to just "SakuraXIII" There won't be any v1,v2,v3 and so on. Now if the new leader decides to want a theme then he/she can do so. It just all determines by what the new leader wants as they will have full rights to the name SakuraXIII and the guild as well as the website. But we will talk more abotu that later once the time comes closer XD. Other than that nothin else is really left to be said. I hope those who have been a helping hand still remain to help out one another and everything. Theres still many plans for this guild that I, myself have in store so don't worry there will be more fun stuff planned by me in the future. Also I havent said anything about it but the new guild logo for v5 is also up so I hope you guys like it. I didn't put quite as much time into it as I did v4 Guild logo but for the most part I still think it looks nice and fairly simple for the month and half we have once its released. Well thats all I have to say. Be sure to post anything in regards v5 in the thread that can be found below.


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